Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Obama will be our next president. I didn't dare hope early on in the process, but as election day drew nearer, the hope would actually keep me awake at night.

"oh wow, he'll probably get a health care system started, and since he's actually a good man, he can pay for it by taxing the people that bush jr. has been helping to pig out for the last eight years... decriminalization of cannabis... end the war on rational thought and science... get the christians out of positions of power... pull out of IQ and AF so fewer of my peers and colleagues die horribly... "

Then I would have to turn the light on and read some 50s pulp science fiction to reset my brain to be able to sleep.

I know that all the positive energy that I, and many others expended in the form of sleepless hoping had an effect on the outcome of the election. It's an event of karmic justice and those things are powered by positive thinking.

Yes We Can.


Blogger The New Leader said...

My love for this nation is also finally restored. January cannot come fast enough.

12:18 PM  

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