Tuesday, November 24, 2009

re-mix as "fine art"

In the olden days when I posted more frequently to this blog I uploaded a number of paintings and pen drawings.

The technique for such works is always this:

1) I use the web to locate images from which elements could be taken and cobbled together to form a work with a theme unrelated to its constituent parts.

2) I re-scale and distort these images in photoshop to fit my re-mix work and then lay a piece of paper over my laptop screen.

3) I trace the picture directly over the screen using the light from it as a sort of backlight.

4) I ink or paint the pencil tracing as appropriate.

That process may be my own, but I am not alone in making art from disparate elements taken out of their original context.

I've recently seen works by another artist that does the same sort of thing, but for sculpture. Kris Kuksi uses bones, plastic models, found objects, and dollhouses to make sculptures that have a re-mix approach similar to mine.

Think about it, won't you?


Blogger ej said...

Yeah, more posts! I like these creations.

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